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Annexus Quam

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Annexus Quam

Annexus Quam was first played on NTS on 19 April 2020. Songs played include Troblush El E Isch.

Annexus Quam were from Kamp-Lintfort, a suburb of Dusseldorf. Their music can best be described as an avant garde mixture of mixed jazz, rock and psychedelia. They began playing hippie rock in late 1967 under the name of 'Ambition of Music'.

The following year they added members from a local evangelical brass band causing them to experiment with jazz. In late 1969 the group changed its name to Annexus Quam which translates roughly to 'connection how'. This name is a reference to their new take on music which…

Troblush El E Isch
Annexus Quam
Target Music2008
Troblush El E Isch
Annexus QuamTarget Music2008