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Floh De Cologne

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Floh De Cologne

Floh De Cologne was first played on NTS on 19 April 2020. Songs played include Fließbandbaby, Manchmal Träum Ich.

Floh de Cologne were formed in 1966 as a political and anarchic collective of students from the University of Cologne. The group is composed by Gerd Wollschon (voices, keyboards), Markus Schmidt (violin, bass), Hans-Jorg "Hansi" Frank (drums & keyboards) and Britta Baltruschat (voices). They recorded their first album "Vietnam" (Pläne) in 1968. This musical act is a protestation against the war. The famous and controversial Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (ohr) published the following albums whose the classics "Rockoper Profitgeier" (1971) and "Lucky Streik" (1972). All albums contain…

Fließbandbaby, Manchmal Träum Ich
Floh De Cologne
Fließbandbaby, Manchmal Träum Ich
Floh De CologneOhr1970