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Juanito Valderrama

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Juanito Valderrama

Juanito Valderrama has been played on NTS shows including Death Is Not The End, with Una Liebre Mal Hería… first played on 1 July 2017.

Juan Valderrama Blanca (May 24, 1916 – April 12, 2004) was a Spanish flamenco and folk singer. Although he was known for singing copla, he always claimed to be a flamenco singer.

Born in Torredelcampo, Juanito's recording career began in 1935 and lasted more than 60 years. Among his most famous songs is "El emigrante (song)", written in 1949, a ballad for the millions of displaced Spaniards who fled the country in the years after the Spanish Civil War. In 1960…

Una Liebre Mal Hería...
Paquera De Jerez, Juanito Valderrama
Calé Records2005
Una Liebre Mal Hería...
Paquera De Jerez, Juanito ValderramaCalé Records2005