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Kasumi Trio

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Kasumi Trio

Kasumi Trio has been played on NTS in shows including Time Is Away, featured first on 20 April 2020. Songs played include Cabbage Butterfly.

Katsumi Trio is a Japanese underground "one-more-super-group", which consists of Tenniscoats' Takashi Ueno (acoustic guitar), LSD March's Shinsuke Michishita (electric guitar) and Fushitsusha's & Nagisa Ni Te's Ikuro Takahashi (drums). In the April 2009 they released via label Majikick their so far the only studio album named "Tsunashi +" - full of mellow guitar pieces, soft and deep simultaneously.

Cabbage Butterfly
Kasumi Trio
Beta-lactam Ring Records2009
Cabbage Butterfly
Kasumi TrioBeta-lactam Ring Records2009