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Adolf Plays The Jazz

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Adolf Plays The Jazz

Adolf Plays The Jazz has been played on NTS in shows including Wiggly World w/ Heaty, featured first on 27 April 2020. Songs played include Wreck.

Adolf plays the jazz have nothing to do whatsoever with politics and fascism especially.

In essence, the band is formed in 2002 in Greece, even though the first song created under the name Adolf plays the jazz was created in 1998 (it’s “Frank Zappa needs haircut”, which was later included in the Muzzle the birds EP).

2005 marks the first official release, cognac or brandy ep. The style of music is influenced by the post-rock scene, albeit with some cinematic elements,…

Adølf Plays The Jazz
Not On Label (Adolf Plays The Jazz Self-released)2012
Adølf Plays The JazzNot On Label (Adolf Plays The Jazz Self-released)2012