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Naomi Punk

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Naomi Punk

Naomi Punk has been played on NTS in shows including The Bennett Show, featured first on 24 April 2020. Songs played include The Spell.

Naomi Punk are a minimal punk trio from Olympia Washington USA. Notorious for loud and intense live performance. Hardcore Punk and Avantgarde concepts inform oblique Pop music songwriting, evoking a spirit and ethos transcendent of bland revivalism or traditional rock tropes. 12 inch LP "The Feeling" was released on Couple Skate Records on April 24th 2012. It quickly sold out and was repressed by Brooklyn's Captured Tracks in November 2012. Seven inch EP was released by Canadian label Cruising USA…

The Spell
Naomi Punk
Couple Skate Records2012
The Spell
Naomi PunkCouple Skate Records2012