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Matti Baybee

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Matti Baybee

Matti Baybee has been played on NTS shows including No Parents No Rules w/ Michael Washington, with Shopping Spree first played on 7 March 2020.

Matti Baybee born Matthew Ben-Israel Hess is a 16 year old Hip Hop artist from the south side of Chicago. Matti Baybee started rapping in 2012 in the midst of all the negative press and gun violence that has plagued the Chicago music scene. While all the young mc’s around his age are rhyming about guns, drugs, sex, gang affiliation and using perversed language, Matti Baybee has taken a different route by going against the grain while maintaining an urban…

Shopping Spree
Matti Baybee
Primitive London2014
Shopping Spree
Matti BaybeePrimitive London2014