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Overproof Sound System

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Overproof Sound System

Overproof Sound System has been played on NTS in shows including re:lax w/ re:ni & laksa, featured first on 3 May 2020. Songs played include Got To Be A Way.

The soundsystem consists of Jah Grizzly & Stallion from G-Corp, vocalists Ras MC T-Weed and Juggla, and the Mighty Magoo on percussion.

They were formed in the winter of 2002 at Different Drummer’s monthly Overproof night (which featured the likes of Blood and Fire, U Brown and 100% Dynamite). During the following summer they hit the road for a series of shows around Germany, including a number of live broadcasts on National Radio and TV stations….

Got To Be A Way
Over Proof Sound System
Different Drummer2004
Got To Be A Way
Over Proof Sound SystemDifferent Drummer2004