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Boy Wonder

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Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder has been played on NTS shows including Dubuntu, with Almighty Warrior first played on 9 May 2020.

1.) Boy Wonder, from Trnava, Slovakia – Slovak rapper and member of Boyband and Ty nikdy label (, he has got an attention of community on many freestyles battles he participate,with other members (Turbo T, Torula, Billy Hollywood, DJ Spank) he established the rap group Turbo Boost, with wich he realeased mixtape „Streetbiz 3“, wich have got much positive response in Slovakia and even in Czech republic. With this succes he together with Billy Hollywood released new EP „Hovoriť Volne“( “Speak Freely“) in2007. After some time…

Almighty Warrior
Boy Wonder
Project Funk Recordings2009
Almighty Warrior
Boy WonderProject Funk Recordings2009