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The Young Lions

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The Young Lions

The Young Lions has been played on NTS in shows including Work In Progress 2020, featured first on 17 May 2020. Songs played include Seeds Of Sin.

There are at least 5 groups named The Young Lions. (1) The Young Lions were an all star jazz group consisting of Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan, Frank Strozier, Bob Cranshaw and Bobby Timmons. They recorded one album together in 1960 titled The Young Lions. (2) a doo-wop group signed to Dot Records. (3)The Young Lions were 'an artist collective in the guise of a rock band', active in the Amsterdam new wave/post-punk scene between 1979 and 1982. The…

Seeds Of Sin
The Young Lions
Vee Jay Records1960
Seeds Of Sin
The Young LionsVee Jay Records1960