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Κώστας Ρούκουνας

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Κώστας Ρούκουνας

Κώστας Ρούκουνας has been played on NTS in shows including Death Is Not The End, featured first on 16 December 2017. Songs played include When I Die.

Konstantinos (Kostas) Roukounas (Greek: Κώστας Ρούκουνας) (Samos[1] 1903 – Athens, Greece, 11 March 1984) was a Greek singer. His repertoire included both "traditional" (δημοτικά) and "popular" songs (λαϊκά). Most notable is his contribution to the subgenre of rebetiko (ρεμπέτικο). Roukounas is generally known as a singer, however he was also a songwriter.

When I Die
Kostas Roukounas
Death Is Not The End2020
When I Die
Kostas RoukounasDeath Is Not The End2020