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Bicycle Thieves

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Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves has been played on NTS in shows including SOS Radio w/ Sofie, featured first on 19 May 2020. Songs played include Sunflower Island.

1) Bicycle Thieves are a British band formed in November 2008 in Liverpool, England consisting of Tom Hammersley (vocals and guitar), Ash Hopkins (vocals and guitar), James Feltham (guitar), Jim Reynolds (bass) and Nick Pikering (drums). Their first year 2009 saw the band release their debut single 'Stop To Start' backed by 'Camera Shy' on Loog Records. NME featured it as track of the week and it was voted 7th in Teletext's Planet Sound's 'Top 50 Singles of 2009'. 2009…

Sunflower Island
Bicycle Thieves
Moon Rec.1989
Sunflower Island
Bicycle ThievesMoon Rec.1989