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Yves Malone

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Yves Malone

Yves Malone has been played on NTS shows including E. Myers, with Home Before The War first played on 26 May 2020.

Interview: Yves Malone, a Lost Composer of Horror Film History

Horror film soundtracks both obscure and renown have risen in popularity these past few years, from more electronic producers recalling John Carpenter’s synth-laden epics and labels reissuing classics in commemorative packages. we at the kort are fans of both, so you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon Yves Malone - a composer whose work has featured on a number of lost B-movies from the 80s, and whom has only recently opted to…

Home Before The War
Yves Malone
Umor Rex2020
Home Before The War
Yves MaloneUmor Rex2020