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Fraunhofer Diffraction

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Fraunhofer Diffraction

Fraunhofer Diffraction was first played on NTS on 25 May 2020. Songs played include Kvrt In Space.

Fraunhofer Diffraction is a project by the Russian Stanislav Martensitov (born 1993, based in Moscow). He previously made music for a project called Вечный Ноябрь (renamed to Stahlflüstern → Totenraum → Eternal November), but decided to consolidate all his efforts into Fraunhofer Diffraction. Stanislav is an active member of the Russian witch house community ВЕДЬМИН ДОМ ™.

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Kvrt In Space
Fraunhofer Diffraction
Not On Label2013
Kvrt In Space
Fraunhofer DiffractionNot On Label2013