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Los Socios del Ritmo

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Los Socios del Ritmo

Los Socios del Ritmo has been played on NTS shows including La Cosecha Internacional w/ XOLO, with Vamos A Platicar first played on 28 May 2020.

A very versatile Mexican band in the 70's. The Band was formed in the Mexican state of Campeche. They performed in many shows in the famous Artistic-Platform called "Siempre en Domingo' hosted by Raul Velasco. Their popularity diminished when their main Singer Ruben Baeza left the band. They have been playing at the Rhythm of CUMBIA songs as well as ROMANTIC music. Some of their HITS being played in the Hispanic Radio Stations included: "Chilito Piquin","Mambo #8",…

Vamos A Platicar
Los Socios del Ritmo
Capitol Records1971
Vamos A Platicar
Los Socios del RitmoCapitol Records1971