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Bones Jones

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Bones Jones

Bones Jones has been played on NTS shows including Doing Time , with Open Up Your Heart first played on 31 May 2020.

I Don't Know What You Heard Bou't Me ?

Alan L.Perry/aka/ Bones Jones -Internationally known for Drums,Percussions,also plays Bass, Keyboards, Guitar,Trumpet ,Vocals,and many more.(Born July 20,1951) Bones Jones hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. A professional Musician,Artist,Composer, Arranger and Producer.Bones' career spans over 40years since age12. He has worked with some very strong local acts on the 60's scene. His major break through came in 1969, at age 17, while working at King Records/JamesBrown Productions as a shipping clerk, and studio musician. His high…

Open Up Your Heart
Bones Jones
Open Up Your Heart
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