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La Bottine Souriante

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La Bottine Souriante

La Bottine Souriante has been played on NTS shows including Otologic, with YoYo Surtout Vert (Drum Dub) first played on 7 June 2020.

La Bottine Souriante is a folk band from Quebec specialising in traditional Quebecois music, often with a modern twist.

Formed in 1976, they have toured extensively through North America and Europe. As well as the traditional accordion, fiddle, guitar, piano and double bass, the band added a four-piece horn section in 1990 which gives an element of jazz to the music. In 1998, they contributed a song to the Canadian Celtic music compilation by The Chieftains, Fire in the Kitchen.

The group's name means…

YoYo Surtout Vert (Drum Dub)
La Bottine Souriante
Post Contemporary2001
YoYo Surtout Vert (Drum Dub)
La Bottine SouriantePost Contemporary2001