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Bargou 08

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Bargou 08

Bargou 08 has been played on NTS shows including We Are Not Alone, with Chech El Khater first played on 5 June 2020.

Bargou 08 frontman Nidhal Yahyaoui collected songs the area where he grew up in the north west of Tunisia, near the Algerian border. The inspiration for the direction of 2017 album Targ followed a vision Yahyaoui had of Moog synthesisers being found in the valley of the Bargou mountain region and what music could have been created on their discovery as a result.

To make the album Yahyaoui brought a group of musicians, including album producer/arranger and Moog player Sofyann Ben Youssef, to…

Chech El Khater
Bargou 08
Chech El Khater
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