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Sam Sneed

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Sam Sneed

Sam Sneed has been played on NTS shows including Barb Wire Halo w/ H0TF1RE, with Lady Herion first played on 22 June 2020.

Sam Sneed (born Sam Anderson 1968 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania) is a producer and rapper. He originally got his start working as a producer for K-Solo and the Hit Squad.

In 1993 he was signed to Death Row Records, releasing only one single, U Better Recognize featuring Dr. Dre, in 1994. He became well known for a catchphrase, "I’m Sam Sneed, you better recognize!", from the song and the related Death Row movie, Murder was the Case. The single peaked at #16 on the…

Lady Herion
Dr. Dre feat. J-Flex, Sam Sneed
Lady Herion
Dr. Dre feat. J-Flex, Sam SneedBackstreet2005