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Jim White

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Jim White

Jim White has been played on NTS in shows including Emotional Landscapes, featured first on 25 June 2020. Songs played include The Quickening.

There are several artists with this name, including:

Jim White, a drummer in several bands: Xylouris White, a duo with lute player Giorgos Xylouris and Dirty Three; he has also played on records and toured with Marisa Anderson, Cat Power, Smog, P. J. Harvey, and Nina Nastasia (Nina Nastasia And Jim White).

Jim White is a Southern Gothic alt-country singer-songwriter. He has released seven albums as a solo artist. While his music is based in Americana, he borrows elements from rock, rhythm…
The Quickening
Jim White, Marisa Anderson
Thrill Jockey2020
The Quickening
Jim White, Marisa AndersonThrill Jockey2020