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The Magnetix

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The Magnetix

The Magnetix has been played on NTS shows including Got Kinda Lost Records Presents Planet Fever, with Growin Up first played on 24 June 2020.

There are two bands named The Magnetix.

A garage rock band from Bordeaux, France.

A psychobilly band from Tula, Russia.

After some experiences with surf music, and then playing alone in various musical genres with bands like Catchers, Hero X'S, the pitiless Looch Vibrato made use of his crazy talents ,(not lacking in vice), to corrupt innocent creatures,his weapon of choice being rock'n'roll. He captured his prey- Aggy Sonora in 1998. But the innocent charm of Miss Sonora quickly lets…

Growin Up
The Magnetix
Yakisakana Records2003
Growin Up
The MagnetixYakisakana Records2003