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The Sha-Weez

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The Sha-Weez

The Sha-Weez has been played on NTS shows including Mark Leckey, with No One To Love Me first played on 23 June 2020.

New Orleans R&B outfit the Sha-Weez formed on the campus of Booker T. Washington High School in 1950. According to Marv Goldberg's profile in the September 1977 issue of Yesterday's Memories, the founding lineup featured Edgar "Big Boy" Myles on trombone and vocals, James "Sugarboy" Crawford on piano and vocals, Irving "Cat" Bannister on guitar and vocals, Alfred "Hot Lips" Woodard on trumpet, Eric "Skee-za" Warner on drums, Nolan "Sha-Wee" Blackwell on alto sax, Warren "Jake" Myles on piano, and the…

No One To Love Me
The Sha-Weez
No One To Love Me
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