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Telge Blues

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Telge Blues

Telge Blues has been played on NTS shows including Baba Stiltz, with Windy City Blues first played on 26 June 2020.

Telge Blues contains, among other renowned blues artist Sven Zetterberg and was among the most successful blues bands in the 70s in Sweden by Peps Persson and Per "Slim" Notini. The group shaped up in 1972 and began actively playing in clubs around Stockholm, where most of Sweden's blues band torn. The name Telge comes from an old spelling of their home town of Sodertalje. Their idea was to take up quite obscure and rare blues songs and put their personal character on them….

Windy City Blues
Telge Blues
Jefferson Records1993
Windy City Blues
Telge BluesJefferson Records1993