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Elisabeth Kontomanou

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Elisabeth Kontomanou

Elisabeth Kontomanou has been played on NTS in shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, featured first on 9 July 2014. Songs played include Il Est Mort Le Soleil.

"All the great singers I've been listening to, got so familiar and so close to me through the power of their art.I feel I know each one of them personaly.They are family.These wonderful spirits were able to fill the emptiness of my heart and soul and gave a meaning to my life."

When people ask where I come from, I say I’m a child of the universe. I normally feel at home anywhere so long as I’m free to…

Il Est Mort Le Soleil
Elisabeth Kontomanou
Plus Loin Music2014
Il Est Mort Le Soleil
Elisabeth KontomanouPlus Loin Music2014