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Florenza Mavelli

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Florenza Mavelli

Florenza Mavelli has been played on NTS shows including Vic Crezée, with March Of The Soviets first played on 29 June 2020.

Legowelt alias.

Milano 1981. The times are violent and dangerous. Left wing terrorist groups an organized crime is all over the place. Kidnapping, bombing and robbing the city. The last hope is the Special Brigade, an elite police intervention unit.

But it's not easy being in the Special Brigade… It's all one big facade. They are insufficiently trained and casualty rate is high. The missions are doomed to fail, leaving innocent hostages and bystanders wouded or dead.

Jack is one of the few honest brigade officers. While…

March Of The Soviets
Florenza Mavelli
Strange Life Records2009
March Of The Soviets
Florenza MavelliStrange Life Records2009