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Small Circle Of Friends

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Small Circle Of Friends

Small Circle Of Friends has been played on NTS shows including Foodman, with 9 Times Knock first played on 19 February 2019.

In 1993 Satsuki Mutou & Riki Azuma started Small Circle of Friends (S.C.O.F.) at Fukuoka, Japan. Their music mixes lyrical beats & spiritual words. In 1994 they recorded first single "E.P." produced by United Future Organization on U.F.O.s label "Brownswood (Mercury.M.E.)".

Circa 1994-2000 they released 4 full albums, 6 singles & 1 remix album. In 2001 S.C.O.F. founded their own label "Basque". They released 4 full albums "souvenir", "taiyo (means SUN)", "icni-nichi-jyu(means ALL DAY)", and "SPECIAL" on Basque. In 2005 they launched a…

9 Times Knock
Small Circle Of Friends, Studio75
Musicaänossa Gryps2017
9 Times Knock
Small Circle Of Friends, Studio75Musicaänossa Gryps2017