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Senketsu No Night Club

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Senketsu No Night Club

Senketsu No Night Club has been played on NTS shows including Night Shift w/ Diamondstein, with Gurotesuku first played on 8 July 2020.

The project stems from an idea by ADRIANO VINCENTI determined to push his research into a new level. Inspired by extreme Japanese cinema, Adriano aims to bring together Japanese Power-Harsh drifts with jazz doomnoir atmospheres that he masters since a very long time. Next step was to involve in such a project GIOVANNI LEONARDI who was also passionate in such artistic expression. Alchemy was working and turning perfectly into a very intriguing project.

The two than decided to ask also the support of English saxophonist IAN…

Senketsu No Night Club
Old Europa Cafe2018
Senketsu No Night ClubOld Europa Cafe2018