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Never Ending Game

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Never Ending Game

Never Ending Game has been played on NTS shows including TeamSESH, with God Forgives… first played on 10 July 2020.

USA HxC/metal band featuring members of Freedom, True Love, and Detain

It's difficult to fully encapsulate the sheer caged-animal derangement going on here with objective prose, so here are a series of metaphors that hopefully help you grasp the true girth that it is Never Ending Game:

-Harder than getting hit in the head with a fucking ball-peen hammer by someone you couldn't have beaten in a fight anyway. -Action movie montage music for after the hero's family has been murdered and he's "using his darkness" to revenge…

God Forgives...
Never Ending Game
Retribute Records2019
God Forgives...
Never Ending GameRetribute Records2019