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Phil Everly

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Phil Everly

Phil Everly has been played on NTS in shows including Heaven and Earth Magic w/ Jocelyn Romo, featured first on 8 July 2020. Songs played include Mystic Line.

Best known as one half of the Everly Brothers, Phil Everly also had a mildly successful solo career.

The Everly Brothers (Phil and Don) were one of the most popular and influential rock acts of the 1950s. Songs like "Wake Up Little Susie" and "Take a Message to Mary" showcased the Everly's boyish charm and inspired close harmonies. As the '50s came to an end, the Everlys' star began to fade a little; the hits still came…

Mystic Line
Phil Everly
Pye Records1975
Mystic Line
Phil EverlyPye Records1975