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Chilled By Nature

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Chilled By Nature

Chilled By Nature has been played on NTS shows including Beyond The Clouds w/ Masha Mar, with Go Forward (Love Bubble Mix) first played on 8 July 2020.

Pete Lawrence has spent most of his life assimilating sound. The pursuit of sonic beauty has taken him around the world, as an internationally respected DJ and tastemaker. Like anyone who has a muse, he has had his moments. The journey has been the thing, the joyful adventure he committed to in childhood.

Chilled By Nature has been a labour of love over the last ten years. It is the realisation of an ongoing musical vision that…

Go Forward (Love Bubble Mix)
Chilled By Nature
Big Chill Recordings2003
Go Forward (Love Bubble Mix)
Chilled By NatureBig Chill Recordings2003