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Mario Reyes

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Mario Reyes

Mario Reyes was first played on NTS on 11 July 2020. Songs played include Whatever Turns You On (Club Mix).

Mario Reyes was born into the legendary Gipsy Kings family in La Camargue region of southern France on June 20, 1974. A prolific song writer, he developed virtuosity on the guitar at an early age. He plays every style from the Gypsy Flamenca Rumba of his roots to flamenco, blues,and reggae. His debut album, Turquoise Dreams, was written by him. He performs on albums with many other artists, and his song Sin Tu Amor in duet with Andrea Bocelli, on the album Andrea, is an…

Whatever Turns You On (Club Mix)
Mario Reyes
Running Back2018
Whatever Turns You On (Club Mix)
Mario ReyesRunning Back2018