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The Sinners

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The Sinners

The Sinners has been played on NTS shows including Light in the Attic, with Could This Be Love first played on 10 July 2020.

There are multiple artists with this name, including the following:

A folk rock band formed in the 1970s in Glasgow Scotland who played mainly local venues and also appeared on STV.

A punk/rock group formed in Lund, Sweden in 1982.

A blues duo from Tucson, Arizona, named the Sinners with a self released CD called Sunday Morning Saints. Their MySpace Page.

4."Sinners" from London Ontario Canada 1977 too 1982.Paul Wooten,Doug Worrall, Dave Lihgtfoot, Brent Tedford, rounded out this Well known band…

Could This Be Love
The Sinners
Eden Records1962
Could This Be Love
The SinnersEden Records1962