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Marta Zapparoli

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Marta Zapparoli

Marta Zapparoli has been played on NTS in shows including ARRHYTHMIA, featured first on 14 July 2020. Songs played include Steering Comets.

Marta Zapparoli aka Penelopex is sound artist, performer, musician with studies fine arts and the soprano saxophone. Marta Zapparoli aka Penelopex : sound artist, performer, musician, studied fine arts and the soproano saxophone. In Bologna/Italy being involved in a series of experimental radio shows, multmedia performances,sound installations and various dance companies and aswell experimental multimedia theater events. She now lives in Berlin where she is part of the Splitter Orchester Berlin, collaborating on sound installations with Martin Kuentz and a duo project with…

Steering Comets
Marta Zapparoli
Steering Comets
Marta ZapparoliIdiosyncratics2015