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Robin Williamson

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Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson has been played on NTS in shows including Yem Gel, featured first on 12 July 2020. Songs played include The Iron Stone.

Robin Williamson (born Robin Duncan Harry Williamson on 24 November 1943 in Edinburgh) is a Scottish multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter and storyteller, who first made his name as a founding member of The Incredible String Band.

in the 70s, Williamson moved to California and formed Robin Williamson & His Merry Band with Sylvia Woods (Celtic harp), Jerry McMillan (fiddle), and Chris Caswell (flutes, and wire-strung harp), following more Celtic roots directions in his music. By this time, he had already contributed to…

The Iron Stone
Robin Williamson
ECM Records2006
The Iron Stone
Robin WilliamsonECM Records2006