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Citrus has been played on NTS shows including DJ Persuasion , with Universe Records #1 (Citrus Remix) first played on 18 July 2020.

There are at least 2 bands sharing the name Citrus:

1: An influential Japanese indie pop group from the 90s

2: A Latvian indie rock band active in late 90s until about 2002

3: Citrus is the musical alias of Gabriel Melchor, a DJ and producer hailing from Denver, CO, with a diverse range encompassing reggae, electro, glitch hop, and everything in-between.

His passion for music started early in life, with Bob Marley becoming a staple in his rotation at the young age of 11. As…

Universe Records #1 (Citrus Remix)
Dave Charlesworth (Citrus mix)
Fluid Mastering2008
Universe Records #1 (Citrus Remix)
Dave Charlesworth (Citrus mix)Fluid Mastering2008