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The Teenagers

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The Teenagers

The Teenagers has been played on NTS in shows including Round Trip, featured first on 17 November 2012. Songs played include French Kiss.

There are three groups called The Teenagers:

1) In a gust of pheromones and with a warm purr of guitars arrives the saviour of French indie pop, The Teenagers. 2008 has seen few Europeans garner more fevered hype than these three Parisian dreamboats, proving once and for all that style and substance needn’t be mutually exclusive. At a time when far too many seemed to be sat waiting for the next novelty bandwagon to jump onboard, this trio of hipper-than-thou ne’r-do-wells have reignited…

French Kiss
The Teenagers
XL Recordings, Merok Records2008
French Kiss
The TeenagersXL Recordings, Merok Records2008