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Africa Unite

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Africa Unite

Africa Unite has been played on NTS shows including Otologic, with A Sangue Freddo E In Pieno Dub first played on 2 August 2020.

The reggae band from Turin, named after one of Bob Marley’s songs and lead by Bunna and Madaski, who have produced all their own albums and also most of the reggae bands' in Italy. They formed in 1981, when Marley prematurely died. For 25 years Africa Unite has been producing high quality music, their background being top-class roots reggae; they have played hundreds of concerts, have taken part in a good number of international festivals, and have released over a dozen…

A Sangue Freddo E In Pieno Dub
Africa Unite
Echo Beach2005
A Sangue Freddo E In Pieno Dub
Africa UniteEcho Beach2005