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Niagara has been played on NTS in shows including Peking Spring w/ Jon K, featured first on 2 August 2020. Songs played include Another Lost Weekend.

There are at least seven artists using the name Niagara:

A German jazz/funk-percussion group active in the early 70's

A French duo active from the early 80's until the early 90's

A Portuguese electronic project signed by Lisbon label Principe

A Ukrainian group

A Spanish hard rock band

The lead singer for defunct 70's experimental band Destroy All Monsters

An Italian progressive rock band

The German jazz/funk-percussion group, Niagara, existing between 1971-1973. The group featured artists including, on percussion:…

Another Lost Weekend
Niagara, The Hitmen
Steel Cage Records2009
Another Lost Weekend
Niagara, The HitmenSteel Cage Records2009