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Fall Of The Leafe

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Fall Of The Leafe

Fall Of The Leafe was first played on NTS on 17 July 2020. Songs played include Into The Autumnsphere.

It is probably audible that Fall of the Leafe is rooted to extreme metal in one way or another. Besides the metallic taste, some may find flavors of strange 80’s pop and rock there, as well as hints of grunge and seventies action rock. What what we listen to naturally filters into our own sound too. Our music is largely guitar-driven, melodic, layered and in some people’s opinion, horrible. In general, it is somewhat faithful to the heritage of rock music. It is, however, not much…

Into The Autumnsphere
Fall Of The Leafe
Aurora Productions1996
Into The Autumnsphere
Fall Of The LeafeAurora Productions1996