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Young Black Teenagers

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Young Black Teenagers

Young Black Teenagers has been played on NTS shows including Making a Mixtape with Richard Russell, with Punks, Lies & Video Tape first played on 3 August 2020.

Young Black Teenagers (YBT) was an early 1990's American rap group consisting of Kamron, First Born, ATA, Tommy Never, and DJ Skribble. Despite their name, none of the group was black - four were white and one Puerto Rican. They intended their name as a tribute to the black culture they were influenced by, but some thought their name offensive or ridiculous.

YBT had the support of the prominent rap group Public Enemy and their producer Hank Shocklee…

Punks, Lies & Video Tape
Young Black Teenagers
Punks, Lies & Video Tape
Young Black TeenagersSOUL1991