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Ersel Hickey

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Ersel Hickey

Ersel Hickey has been played on NTS in shows including Lux & Ivy's Favourites , featured first on 5 July 2020. Songs played include Hangin' Around.

source Early life

He was born Ersel O'Hickey, named after the family doctor, Dr. Ersel[1]. His mother was from Kingston, Ontario; his father, who was Irish, died when Hickey was four. He was one of eight children. His mother had a nervous breakdown and was put into a mental hospital, while he was put into foster homes. He would frequently run away, living in different parts of New York State.

When Hickey was 15, he started…

Hangin' Around
Ersal Hickey
Hangin' Around
Ersal HickeyRighteous2016