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Violent Playground

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Violent Playground

Violent Playground has been played on NTS in shows including Manila Times w/ Vex Ruffin & Possiblemusic, featured first on 8 August 2020. Songs played include Never The Bright Lights.

Violent Playground may refer to:

1.) A thrash metal band from New York. They are notable for their mix of thrash metal and blues. They released one album, called "Thrashin' Blues."

2.) An alternative Filipino band. They were one of the first alternative rock bands in the local music scene and even influenced the seminal band Eraserheads. They released one album called "Primordial Soup".

Never The Bright Lights
Violent Playground
Dyna Products, Inc.1996
Never The Bright Lights
Violent PlaygroundDyna Products, Inc.1996