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Portraits Of Past

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Portraits Of Past

Portraits Of Past has been played on NTS shows including After Dark w/ HELM, with Snicker Snicker first played on 4 August 2020.

Portraits of Past was a post-hardcore band from the San Francisco Bay Area. They were active from 1993 to 1995, touring the US in the Summer of 1995.

The band in its heydey consisted of: Matthew Bajda - drums Jeremy Bringetto - bass guitar Jonah Buffa - guitar Rob Pettersen - vocals Rex Shelverton - guitar

Earlier: Dan Fenton - bass guitar Aaron Schlieve - drums

The band released two demo cassettes, a split 7 inch with Bleed, A Self-Titled LP, and appeared on two compilation LPs.

Former members of the band later…

Snicker Snicker
Portraits Of Past
Ebullition Records1996
Snicker Snicker
Portraits Of PastEbullition Records1996