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Bad Vision

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Bad Vision

Bad Vision has been played on NTS shows including Tia Cousins, with Very Melbourne first played on 6 August 2020.

Do you want to know a riddle? C’mon, everyone loves a riddle…. What has 18 strings, frenzied jungle-trash rhythms and an acerbic bellyacher who’s writhed his way out of the cutthroat jaws of Beelzebub himself? I won’t give the cinnamon away so soon.. No, feel free to stew in the paregoric juices of your minds eye while you strive to comprehend a beast so primitive and dazzling, dangerous and seductive, hackneyed, but still so impudently unprecedented that your pulse will sweat razorblades and your brow…

Very Melbourne
Bad Vision
Very Melbourne
Bad VisionAdagio8302016