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The Creators

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The Creators

The Creators has been played on NTS in shows including Los Hitters, featured first on 11 August 2020. Songs played include Why, Why, Why.

There are at least two artists with this name (1) A production duo from the U.K., the Creators craft top-quality hip-hop instrumentals. Also known as Simon Gilbert and Julian Baker, the Creators released their excellent debut LP, "The Weight," in 2000. "The Music" featured appearances from Mos Def, Lootpack, Marley Marl, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, and more. (2) A reggae/ska group from the late 1960s, most famous for their song "Kimble", which was based on the TV series The Fugitive and which…

Why, Why, Why
The Creators, Vic Pitts Cheaters
Brewtown Records1972
Why, Why, Why
The Creators, Vic Pitts CheatersBrewtown Records1972