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Aziza Brahim

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Aziza Brahim

Aziza Brahim has been played on NTS shows including Lamin Fofana , with ¡Dios Mio! first played on 12 August 2020.

Aziza is a Saharawi from Western Sahara, born in a refugee camp in Algeria. At the age of 11 Aziza received a schoolarship to study in Cube where she spent seven years, before abandoning her studies in order to dedicate herself to music. She won the first prize in a national song competition in a cultural festival of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic - the self-proclaimed Saharawi state, exiled in the refugee camps and recognized by over 80 countries. Aziza did her first recordings…

¡Dios Mio!
Aziza Brahim
World Music Network, Music Rough Guides2005
¡Dios Mio!
Aziza BrahimWorld Music Network, Music Rough Guides2005