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Robert Mitchum

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Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum has been played on NTS in shows including Lux & Ivy's Favourites , featured first on 9 August 2020. Songs played include The Ballad Of Thunder Road.

One of the lesser known aspects of actor Robert Mitchum's career was his forays into music. His voice had long been used instead of the professional singers when characters portrayed by Mitchum sang in his films. Notable productions featuring Mitchum's own singing voice included Rachel and the Stranger (1948), River of No Return (1954) and The Night of the Hunter (1955). After hearing traditional calypso music and meeting artists such as Mighty Sparrow and Lord Invader…

The Ballad Of Thunder Road
Robert Mitchum
Capitol Records1960
The Ballad Of Thunder Road
Robert MitchumCapitol Records1960