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Kacey Johansing

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Kacey Johansing

Kacey Johansing has been played on NTS in shows including The Early Bird Show w/ Maria Somerville, featured first on 26 August 2020. Songs played include Whales Of Agate.

Kacey Johansing is an American singer-songwriter from California.

Johansing's debut album, Many Seasons, plays like a travelogue. Sweeping the listener along from her roots in small town Colorado to Boston to a San Francisco, where Johansing is at something of an epicenter for a rapidly evolving songwriting scene, the album crystallizes a rich Bay Area indie-folk sound bursting at the seams with creativity.

Although Many Seasons is a solo album, the guitarist and singer's penchant for collaboration shines…

Whales Of Agate
Kacey Johansing
Touchtheplants Studio2020
Whales Of Agate
Kacey JohansingTouchtheplants Studio2020