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Jacques Coursil

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Jacques Coursil

Jacques Coursil has been played on NTS shows including Lamin Fofana , with Frantz Fanon 1952 first played on 9 September 2020.

Jacques Coursil was born (* 1938 in Paris; † 25. June 2020) but moved to New York in 1965. “In 1965, just around the assassination of Malcolm X, this is a natural propensity of a person of me like, having been in Africa, Senegal, West Africa, now I got to see the United States. I sold my library, I was not old at the time, I was 28 but I had a lot of books so I sold my books, paintings and I…

Frantz Fanon 1952
Jacques Coursil
Universal Music France, Universal Music Jazz France2007
Frantz Fanon 1952
Jacques CoursilUniversal Music France, Universal Music Jazz France2007