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Michel Petrucciani

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Michel Petrucciani

Michel Petrucciani has been played on NTS shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, with Cantabile first played on 9 July 2014.

Michel Petrucciani (December 28, 1962, Orange, France – January 6, 1999, Manhattan), was a French Jazz pianist.

Michel Petrucciani came from a Franco-Italian family of a musical background. At an early age he became enthusiastic about the works of Duke Ellington and wished to become a pianist like him. Although he trained for years as a classical pianist, jazz remained his interest. He had his first professional concert at 13. At this point in his life he was still quite fragile so had to be carried…

Michel Petrucciani, Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson
Dreyfus Jazz1999
Michel Petrucciani, Steve Gadd, Anthony JacksonDreyfus Jazz1999